First Aid Kit - Sailor song

Två mycket bra tjejer som jag egentligen inte vet mycket om.
Men det är värt att lyssna på deras låtar, det kan jag garantera!
With the first light and the little fragile moon
I was out on the porch now I'm ready for doom
And it's funny how it all came to be
The way you so plainly chose to stare at me

And the afternoon embraces you like a million worried hands
And I want to look forward go discover foreign land
In the mirror I was balancing on tiny strings
It looks silly but oh really it's just a physical thing

So tell me why you’d ask me to do as I please
I would rather fall backwards and forget everything
And I've tried to call on you when I know you're not home
I'm not ready for this but it's the way it goes

It was easier when I knew nothing of what I'd missed 
You're so happy I can see it and that's the worst part of it
So let her take you out on sea
I will wave to you from the harbor oh little silly me 

The sailors leave in the morning
I'll be waiting for you all night
The ship sets off in the morning
I'll be waiting for you all right

Fantastisk musik på alla sätt och vis, pur magi allt som oftast. Allt från den tidiga grymma Fleet Foxes-covern "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" till deras medverkan i På Spåret håller absolut högsta klass.

2011-03-17 • 23:33:40

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